These League of Legends hacks are completely free to try out, if you wish to donate to us, please contact us as our team does not get paid for this.
The best League of Legends hacks of all time into one trainer.
This will include; maphack, RP generator, skin hacks, last hit helper tool, referral bot, and much much more.

This will be totally free of charge despite it being the greatest League of Legends hack.
The most classic League of Legends hacks of all time. This trainer will have EVERYTHING you need.
Also these hacks are 100% UNDETECTABLE. Meaning you will literally never be banned unless you act extremely stupid and get yourself filmed.

List of League of Legends Hacks, bots and tools

Map hack will remove fog of war, you will be able to see all your enemies and also any wards. Play safe with it, don't be extremely stupid. It's just a hack that reveals the whole map.

RP generator is self explanatory. It will generate RP. We are also thinking of including an IP generator, solely for purchasing runes. Contrary to belief, IP generators are a lot harder to create than RP generators.

IP bot - We are thinking of creating a League of Legends IP bot, it will automatically create and play games against bots, when it reaches 20 minutes you will surrender. We're testing the possibility of having a bot push and win for you as well, this will be only available in 3v3 format. Possibly the fastest automated way to gain influence points.

Skin hacks, this is special, you as well as everyone else in the game will see the skin that you choose. However, you do not get to keep the skin. It's more for fun.

Last hit helper tool, when a minion is low enough to one shot, it will be highlighted red. This takes into account your AD and minion armor for 100% last hitting.

Auto smite and ignite tool, when a monster is low enough to be smited, it will be highlighted blue, auto ignite, when a champion is low enough to die from ignite, it will glow red.

Referral bot, also self explanatory, we already have a version on our site if you wish to check it out.

We're also including a next-gen cooldown reduction hack. (League of Legends CDR hack) It is able to reduce all your cooldowns by 40% including summoner spells, we were able to tweak mastery pages and make this possible.

This hack is literally undetectable meaning you literally will never be banned unless you make it blatantly obvious you are hacking. League of Legends will not detect it.